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Your reliable, experienced, and efficient

Yacht Transport Company

Do you need a reliable, experienced team that can transport your yacht more easily and affordably than other yacht companies?  Yacht Transport is here to fulfill different requests for transportation services through our partner's network with cargo and transport companies – no matter does it include Europe yacht transport or all-over-the-world transportation.

We are not cheap

We are an affordable vessel transport agency
We're familiar with the fact that new vessel owners usually do not move their boats because of a lack of experience and also, there are yacht owners who just want to pay for transport services to a reliable yacht transport agency. They know that the yacht transporting process that way costs lower.  And most important - it is handed over to professionals.

How to transport a yacht?

If you were wondering how to easily transport your yacht from point A to point B Yacht Transfer has a solution.

There are two major ways for yacht transport:  transport by land and transport by sea.

How are yachts transported? Does SIZE matter?

The answer is – Yes. SIZE REALLY DOES MATTER. ;)

Smaller vessels

and toys up to 12 meters and less than 2.4-meter wide are usually transported by trucks or on small trailers with regular cars, for some larger distances, they are sometimes packed in containers and transported that way.

A bit larger boats

from around 8 to 15 meters and width more than the standard 2.4 m require specialized cargo movements so that they can be transported, so these kinds of boats are transported with either escorted trucks or by sea for shorter distances.

Larger yachts

are usually transported by sea with crew members, or they are transported by transport ships that can load several yachts on board and have their routes for these trips, usually covering some central ports for some area and then to destination crew sails them.